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Experienced Product & Growth Leader

Hi! My name is Chris.

I’m a product and growth person with the ability to jump into code or plan out long-term strategies. My experience includes leadership roles at Superside,, Shopify, Lane, and others.

I'm currently the VP of Product at Axonify, leading Product & Design.

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LinkedIn: @longchris


I have 3 simple rules to decide on a new opportunity.
Who else finds taking time off extremely difficult during COVID?
Start looking for folks with lots of potential but have hit a ceiling in their current role. Look at their trajectory/potential rather than their experience.
I've found regular meetings trend towards status updates. It'll always happen unless the attendees are proactive and set boundaries.
The Goldilocks of product development?


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Product Development Days
Product Development Days - Krakow, Poland
Product Marketing Community
Product Marketing Community - Toronto, Canada
Product Management Festival - Zurich, Switzerland
Digitale Leute Summit - Cologne, Germany
Growth Marketing Stage - Kyiv, Ukraine
ProductTank - Karlsruhe, DE & Bern, CH
IT Spring - Minsk, Belarus
IT Arena - Lviv, Ukraine

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