I’m a product and growth person with a focus on optimization and tweaking. I'm not a growth hacker looking for “silver bullets.” I find opportunities through data and user research that can change the slope of our growth in a sustainable way. My goal is to increase the number of people getting value from the product.

I'm currently a member of the new product team at Previously, I was a product and growth leader at Shopify. There I focused on developing a team that combined product and growth strategies to grow Shopify.

Read my blueprint to learn more about my personal leadership style. Or Product Weekly to understand my approach to product.


Senior Product Manager, (May 2018 - Present)

I am focused on building products and experiences that'll provide value to travellers and My primary focus is on building products to enable traveller relationships and therefore increase customer preference. I am also working with the emerging markets team at to develop their strategy.

Product Lead, Shopify (Dec 2013 - Feb 2018)

I led the product team for a business unit within Shopify called Pre. We built products (Hatchful, Burst, Exchange) for entrepreneurs before they were ready to use Shopify. In this role, I managed and led a team of product leads.

Product Growth Lead, Shopify (Dec 2013 - Feb 2018)

I established and led a team of product growth managers responsible for finding new opportunities and strategies to grow Shopify. We focus on building new growth products and finding opportunities within existing products that have the potential to change the slope of Shopify's growth.

I was responsible for increasing our impact by establishing the strategy and objectives of the product growth team. I worked closely with engineering, design, and other groups to achieve our objectives.

In this role, I developed and built partnerships with Apple, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and more.

Product Manager, OANDA (Dec 2012 - Nov 2013)

Managed the ”Forex for Business” product line. Leading a team of three and was responsible for running a multi-million dollar business used by organizations like Airbnb, major retailers, and many more.

Product Manager, Freshbooks (Apr 2012 - Nov 2012)

I owned the rebranding of Freshbooks from “Painless Billing” to “Cloud Accounting”, and optimizing visit to customer conversion.

Product Manager, Points (Apr 2010 - Apr 2012)

Managed the payments and integration platform at Points. As part of this role, I worked with loyalty program partners and internal business units to provide the capabilities required for our SaaS products.

Lead Software Developer, (July 2007 - Feb 2010)

Joined as the third employee and was involved in software development, marketing, web/graphic design, SEO/SEM and even packed some boxes.


University of Guelph, B.Sc. Computer Science
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