Experienced Product & Growth Leader

Hi! My name is Chris.

I’m a product and growth person with the ability to jump into code or plan out long-term strategies. My experience includes leadership roles at Superside, Booking.com, Shopify, and others.

I'm currently the Director of Product at Lane.

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LinkedIn: @longchris


June 2020 - Present
Director of Product
June 2019 - April 2020
VP of Product

I led the product and design team at Superside. As the VP of Product, I was responsible for:

  • The product vision and strategy — I created and maintained a product vision for Superside using customer interviews, competitive research, and other product discovery techniques.
  • Planning the Roadmap – Working with organizational leaders I defined a cross-functional roadmap to achieve the product vision.
  • Being a multiplier – I built a process and culture focused on trust, execution and collaboration. This involved everything from the development process to creating cross-functional teams capable of making bottom-up decisions.
  • Build a product-first culture – Superside is a scalable design agency that wants to become a product company. As the VP of Product, I helped to pivot the company towards a long-term product focus instead of short-term operational gains.
May 2018 - June 2019
New Product Development

The new product development team at Booking.com was made up of entrepreneurial product leaders from around the world. We focused on building experimental products for travellers outside of the normal Booking.com experience.

In this role, I built products to create relationships between travellers and Booking.com. We believed that a deeper investment in the relationship would increase customer preference.

I was also part of the emerging markets team that developed experimental strategies for expanding in Southeast Asia. As part of this team, I worked closely with Google's Next Billion Users team.

January 2017 - March 2018
Product Lead

I led the product team for a business unit within Shopify called Pre. We built products (Hatchful, Burst, Exchange) for entrepreneurs before they were ready to use Shopify. In this role, I managed and led a team of five (three product leaders and two marketers). I was responsible for:

  • Developing product leaders across the entire Pre unit.
  • Helping product leaders to create their roadmap and execute on it.
  • Deciding on the level of investment and resources across our current and future products.
  • Identifying and exploring new opportunities.
  • Building relationships across the organization to manage stakeholder expectations.


I'm a connector.

I build connections between people and ideas that creates value in new ways.

I'm strategic.

I see how things fit together and plan how we get there.

I lead independent people.

I am not a micro-manager, I like to know the details but I trust my team.

I'm a jack of all trades.

I understand marketing, technology, design, product, finance, and more.

I prefer ambiguity.

I thrive in chaotic environments where I need to adapt and flex.

I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.

I have no issue jumping into the code, running SQL, or designing interfaces. I will do what is needed.

My Ideal Role

High Level of Trust

An organization and leadership team that trusts folks to make the right decisions.


I want to explore new areas and plan out the strategies that'll get us to our goal.


The role and organization should be constantly evolving and growing.


The opportunity to lead and develop a team.

Positive Impact

A product that is positively impacting the world and customers.

Problems to Solve

I want tough problems to solve.


IT Arena - Lviv, Ukraine
IT Spring - Minsk, Belarus
ProductTank - Karlsruhe, DE & Bern, CH
Growth Marketing Stage - Kyiv, Ukraine
Digitale Leute Summit - Cologne, Germany
Product Management Festival - Zurich, Switzerland
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Product Marketing Community - Toronto, Canada
Growth for product teams
Product Development Days - Krakow, Poland


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