My Blueprint

My blueprint is a tool for everyone I work with to understand my approach, and how I interact with them.

I am here to maximize our team, to level us up as a group and as individuals. Your success is my success. I’m a Type 5 (Investigator), and an INFP. I value measurable impact (qualitative or quantitative). I like to question common sense, and will always try something once.

I'm here to fail (aka learn)

Struggling at our limits and risking failure is the best way to learn and succeed in the long term. I’m here to create an environment that accepts failure and the lessons learned. I prefer learning over speed.

I ask questions (a lot of questions)

You have more context and are more capable of determining the “right” answer. I don’t have a map to give you, but we can figure it out together and end up at the “right" destination.

I’m always available to help

I’m here to help whenever you need it, but I won’t micromanage or babysit. I trust you to get things done, and to come to me when you need help or want to chat about a problem.

Together is important

I’m a connector and peacekeeper, I prefer compromise over conflict, transparency over opaqueness. If we want to go far, we need to go slow and together, not quick and alone. That said, be cautious of your time and the value you provide. I don’t want to be in conversations where I don’t provide value.

I value information

I want (“need”) to find out why things are the way they are. My strength is making connections between ideas, this makes me more of an editor/optimizer instead of a creator.

I want to be obsolete (and a I fear it)

My goal is to work myself out of a job (don’t worry, I’ll find something). It’s a goal that goes against my nature, I fear being useless.

There is no ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️️ out of 5

I never give 5/5, 5/5 is perfect, and nothing is perfect. Even if I don’t know how, there is a way to be better. This applies to me, I always feel I can do something better.

I did my homework the night before

I procrastinate, some of my best work is under deadlines. Don’t hesitate to push me for answers or help–it doesn’t annoy me– it helps me do the work I need to do. I’m constantly trying to improve, this is my default, I need to do better.

Copyright Chris Long